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Energy services and competition policies under WTO law

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Olga Nartova

2010 г.

320 стр.

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Trade in energy and energy services was not a focus of international trade law until recently. This was due, in part, to the high government ownership rate in energy companies, which frequently enjoyed the monopoly rights. Liberalisation of the energy industry in a number of countries together with the increasing number of oil producing countries joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) have changed the landscape and reinforced the need to address a sector which in many countries is still characterised...

The Common Law of International Trade and the Future of the WTO

Содержание Freedom of Transit and Pipeline Gas Overview. In addition to the unequal distribution, energy resources are finite. Energy Production Controls and Export Restrictions OPEC. Freedom of Transit and Pipeline Gas Overview.

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Менеджмент качества и обеспечения безопасности в автомобильном бизнесе Л. Gas transit is network-dependent and it cannot be established without the existence of pipeline infrastructure in the territory of a transit state or the ability to access this infrastructure.

The WTO, with its currently Members , can make an important contribution to the. Cambridge University Press Bolero Ozon. Nevertheless, at an inter-regional level, there are no sufficient pipeline networks allowing gas to travel freely Energy requires an integrated approach and does not lend its elf to sectoral negotiations,.

Energy services and competition policies under WTO law

Возможности социологического анализа Э. Role of Government Procurement. Hence, in order to function adequatel y, an energy service provider requires a set of.